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Artificial grass

Artificial grass

Is artificial grass better than natural grass? Which grass looks most presentable and is long lasting? Is artificial grass expensive? Here are a few pointers about artificial grass.

Why artificial grass is better than natural

Naturally dense and soft grass is any garden owners dream. But we don’t always have the time to mow water and fertilize the grass. That’s why if you don’t have time to do the gardening, artificial grass is the perfect solution. You don’t have to mow and water [etc.] artificial grass and with the right care it will keep an amazing soft look for a long time. What’s most important is that it’s ecological and easy very low-maintenance. You only need to rinse with water and brush 3-4 times a year and it will look like new.

How to pick the perfect artificial grass?

It depends on our customer’s likings and budget. The 38mm tall grass is our most recommend and top-rated artificial grass, but the height doesn’t always matter. The thickness is what really matters, the producers count the amount of spikelet’s for 1m2. The top-rated is the 38 mm tall x 29000 spikelet’s per 1m2. This type would be the best option as it has the softest look and feel, it will be in great condition for years. It is also worth reading artificial grass manuals as you can find your best option for animal friendly [easy to remove animal waste] and children friendly grass [amazing soft touch ]. In our shop we offer all types of artificial grasses and all up to standard of our customers likings. For our most demanding customers we offer our free consultations and professional advice.

Is artificial grass expensive?

If you want the best effects, long lasting condition for years and even in horrific weather then yes. Good quality artificial grass is dearer as you our customers are investing in years of use. The grass needs to fulfil our customers expectations In every aspect, so the best combination of both features is dense grass and its length is of all options.

Why buy at Waterwell ?

We offer the best quality of artificial grass, that fulfils expectations. Some of our assets are affordable prices and our loyal services , we offer fair advice and the product quality. So how can we help you creating your dream garden?



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