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A Guide to Artificial Grass

Who wouldn’t like to be able to enjoy beautiful, green grass all year long? Thanks to artificial grass, you can do just that. Don’t wait till the winter is over and surround yourself with beautiful, lively greenery!
What is artificial grass?
Artificial grass, also known as decorative grass, is a surface made of polyethylene and polypropylene fibres. It comes in many different heights and densities, from which you can choose accordingly to your needs and preferences (read more about the height and density of artificial grass here).

What to consider when buying artificial grass?

The most important aspects are:

  • The amount of traffic the area which is to be covered with artificial grass gets
  • Density and height of your artificial grass
  • Materials from which artificial grass is made
  • Colour of artificial grass
  • Maintenance

How much does artificial grass cost?

When talking about artificial grass, we can’t forget about one of the most important matters for homeowners around the world – how much does it cost?
While it’s true that the initial cost of installing natural grass is lower than is the case with artificial grass, it is a constant source of expenses later down the road. Artificial grass doesn’t require fertilizers, weed killers, seeds or anything like that, and as such is a much better long-term investment. For exact prices of different types of artificial grass, please check here.
That’s a lot to think about, isn’t it? Don’t worry – we’re here to help you pick just the most wonderful artificial grass for your balcony, yard or any other area. We’ve created a series of articles, covering every aspect of artificial grass. Together, they create a comprehensive guide to artificial grass.

If you’re interested in a specific topic, please use our shortcuts by clicking below:

Artificial Grass Installation Guide

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial Grass Traffic

How to Choose Pile Height, Density and Colour

Artificial Grass Materials and Types

French Drain in Your Garden

French Drainage – no puddles after heavy rain.

Water stagnation after heavy rain or during the thaw is on of the main problems in Ireland for garden and patio users. But even in such area the problem can be solved with one simple solution – french drainage implementation.The drainage that can be laid either under lawn turf or artificial grass consists of drainage pipes that are lying in a tunnel filled with pea gravel and sand.Afterward the filters are gathering water excess and transport it to the rainwater drainage. Having drainage done saves you a lot of nerves and trouble.

Does your garden or home need a make ove,

perhaps you are planning a major project or maybe you just need some simple garden maintenance carried out?

At Waterwell Patio and Paving Centre Drogheda we have over ten years experience in design, supply and fit of the highest quality outdoor materials.

We offer a complete package of services starting with bespoke design services that create the perfect arrangement specifically tailored to your garden. We dedicate the time to listen to your wishes so we can fully understand your dream and vision, offering practical advice on the correct materials and configuration to bring it all to life.From there we take your project off the drawing board and into the three dimensional world. As suppliers of highest quality materials we can fit out your garden/patio to exacting standards that exactly fulfils the agreed upon design brief adding more value to your property.

Our materials can be delivered to your property for you to complete the garden work yourself, but we prefer to see the whole project through to the end. Our experienced ground workers can handle any job from a simple pathway to large patios, we have a full skill set at our disposal to ensure that your outdoor area looks and feels outstanding.  So confident are we of our ability to deliver on our designs that we provide a written guarantee for all our work.

Our commitment to your garden does not end when the project is finished, for those who require it we provide a comprehensive maintenance services for all your garden needs. Our maintenance services also extends to gardens and patios which were not created by us, we can spruce up your old garden, bringing it back to a respectable condition, and from there can maintain it for you on an on going basis.

3D Garden design in Dundalk Co.LOUTH by "WATERWELL" Patio & Paving Centre

Once in a lifetime offer - from €240 a 3D garden project that can be turn into your own garden one day.

What we offer is a 3D project of your garden that comes along with a detailed information, such as:

- specification of materials that will be used to make such garden e.g. the quantity of building sand, hard core, cement, grout, sealer, paving slabs, cobbles, pebbles, garden sleeprs etc.

- estimated price of the materials ( and possible places where you could buy them all if you don't choose us to fit it for you)

- estimated price of our service - if we are to do the garden makeover


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