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Artificial Grass Maintenance

While you can find plenty of materials around the internet claiming that artificial grass requires no maintenance, the reality is not THAT bright. That’s not to say that artificial grass is hard to be maintained, but it still takes some effort.

Compared to natural grass, fake grass is still really forgiving. It does not require mowing, so that’s a huge plus. However, depending on where you want to install your artificial grass, you will need to pay attention to different types of dangers.


  • Outdoor artificial grass


Many yard-owners use artificial grass as a replacement for real grass in their front or backyards. It’s less demanding, doesn’t grow, and does not require to be watered… however, it doesn’t mean it’s invulnerable to weather and environmental conditions. You will need to make sure to remove dirt and debris such as twigs, leaves or earth from it. To do it, you remove them by hand, or alternatively, you can rake, sweep or rinse it. You can also use tools, such as a power broom, to make the process faster.


  • Artificial grass in general – how to maintain it?


Even if you don’t use your artificial grass outdoors, it is still susceptible to the problems known by any other surface - such as spills, dirt, lingering moisture, etc. Don’t worry though – artificial grass is easy to be cleaned, and all you’ll need is a household cleaner or vinegar. Apply any of these and then just rinse it with water to restore it to its previous cleanliness.

The best part about artificial grass is it doesn’t stain, so any pollution can be gotten rid of without visible, lasting side-effect. 

As you can see, artificial grass is really forgiving and doesn’t require a lot of effort to keep it clean and healthy throughout the year!




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