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Artificial Grass – How to Choose Pile Height, Density and Colour

It might come at a slight surprise but artificial grass comes not only in different densities, pile heights but also – colours. While it might not be THAT distinguishable at a first glance, after a while the difference does really start to show. To make sure that you pick just the right artificial grass, we’ve prepared a handful of tips.


  • Artificial Grass Pile Height


If you want the sought-after lush look of your artificial grass, it’s crucial to pick the correct height of it. It is a common mistake to pick artificial grass on the incorrect assumption that the higher – the better. The problem is, if your pile is too high, the grass will be heavy and the gravity will bring it down, giving it a flat, tired look. That’s why we recommend a pile height of between 30 – 37mm, which is considered to be optimal. 


  • Artificial Grass Density


The density of your artificial grass is another important aspect. Actually, it’s even more important than height. We are really strong advocates of dense artificial grass – if you want your surface to have that premium, rich feeling when touched, you should aim for around 29 000 blades per square meter. Generally, around25 000 – 29 000 blades per square meter is where premium quality starts.


  • Artificial Grass Colours


This brings us to the final visual aspect of your artificial grass – the colour. Fake grass comes in many different colour variations, to resemble real grass in different conditions, weather, seasons, you name it. It’s not as simple as just going for “green” – these days, you can really order anything, to match your taste 100%. The addition of brown fleck, often called “brown root zone”, makes your artificial grass look even more natural, but that’s generally recommended for outdoor use. You can choose from darker greens, olive greens and lime greens of “green” – so make sure you pick the one that meets both your taste and the area in which you want to install the grass!




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