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French Drain in Your Garden

French Drain in Your Garden

Troubles with damp spots in your garden? If that pesky water just refuses to go away, here is a solution: a French drain. Worry not – it’s much simpler than it sounds!

What is a French Drain?

If you’re thinking perfumes and Eiffel tower after hearing the name “French drain”, don’t worry – it actually has nothing to do with France. In reality, a French drain is as straightforward as it is effective. It is a ditch, inset with a perforated pipe and covered with a layer of gravel.

What’s a French drain for?

Enhancing your garden with a French drain can be helpful in a number of ways. It not only helps you get rid of unwanted water from places where it is abundant, but also allows you to redirect it to places where is very much needed (or to a collector such as a rain barrel). This is especially important after laying a turfed lawn. Remember that excess water or lack of it can cause irreversible damage to the turves!


How does a French Drain work?

No matter the environment we’re talking about, the way water travels is constant – it looks for the quickest and most convenient way to flow. By building a French drain in your garden, you’re basically rerouting water by providing it with that easy way. When the underground water table rises to the height of the holes in the pipe placed in the trench, water starts travelling down the slope and in the direction of your choice!

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