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quantity in a package: 1 m2

package weight: 24 kg

number of packages on a pallet: 30

pallet weight: 720 kg

A collection that makes free references to solutions taken directly from nature. It brings the originality and power of a mountain landscape, with its lush greenery and harsh climate, and faithfully recreates the flat, oval stones that have been smoothed down by a stream. Thanks to its shape, collection looks wonderfully on small façade elements of irregular shapes, and in places that require an alleviation of the crossing edges. This stone coordinates with greenery of less urban areas and looks particularly well when wrapped with ivy or Virginia creeper..

Irregular dimensions

For external and internal use

façade, terrace, garden, office, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hall.


for installation:

Stone Master primer

Stone Master dispersion adhesive

Stone Master concrete stone adhesive

for sealing:

Stone Master concrete impregnant